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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

Skincare generally is a bumpy trip. As if it isn’t sufficient work combating zits, you’ve additionally received to fret about learn how to stop ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 

These bumps outcome from follicles curling in on themselves and getting trapped beneath the floor of the pores and skin. They can occur everywhere in the physique, however most guys wrestle with them on their face and neck. They’re recognized medically as pseudofolliculitis barbae, if you wish to add a Dr. House vibe to your morning routine.

They’re not merely a reality of life—leveling up your shaving routine needs to be sufficient to stop them. If they’re already right here, there are methods to cut back the agony whereas they heal, whether or not you have got one or 100 of them. And within the occasion of extreme, persistent ingrowns, there are additionally methods you may attempt to take away the trapped hair your self. However, you additionally have to know when it’s a process greatest left to the dermatologist—DIY rest room surgical procedure can go away you with an an infection or only a wound that takes weeks or months to heal.

Razor Bumps are More Common for Black Men

Coarse, curly hair is more likely to show again on itself and change into ingrown, so razor bumps are a very vexing drawback for a lot of Black guys.

Lots of nice merchandise have hit the market currently in gentle of this reality. We are specific followers of Bevel, an entire line of merchandise designed across the specific wants of Black hair and pores and skin. (And would  be on the prime of our record of suggestions for anybody coping with persistent razor bumps) 

Of course, essentially the most fail-safe technique to keep away from ingrown hairs is to not shave in any respect—develop out your beard or preserve some perma-stubble with a beard trimmer. That’s an enormous a part of the explanation that office bans on facial hair are discriminatory.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

The greatest technique to stop ingrowns is by shaving rigorously with a contemporary, sharp razor.  

1. Start with an exfoliating cleanser.

Because razor bumps are brought on by hair follicles trapped beneath pores and skin, it is sensible to softly scrub away any useless cells earlier than you begin.  

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2. Shave with a contemporary, sharp blade.

This is the number-one factor—do not ever shave with a boring razor! We additionally suggest shaving with the grain of your hair’s progress, particularly in irritation-prone areas. 

Many guys discover that an old-school double-edge security razor helps stop bumps and irritation. It’s useful that alternative blades are so low-cost that there is by no means an excuse to not use a contemporary one.

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3. Hydrate and disinfect the pores and skin instantly after shaving. 

It’s virtually such as you’ve wounded your face—you need to take steps to stop an infection and encourage therapeutic.

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How to Treat Razor Bumps If They’re Already Here

1. Use a soothing, mild chemical exfoliant.

While it’s sensible to make use of a bodily scrub previous to shaving, you need to keep away from any abrasion after any bumps seem. Instead, you desire a mild chemical exfoliant. Even although the phrase “chemical” sounds a bit aggressive, these merchandise work gently to dissolve useless pores and skin, neutralize micro organism, deflate the bumps, and thus encourage the trapped hairs to poke by way of the pores and skin. (They’re additionally among the finest methods to attain clear, radiant pores and skin.)

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2. Be affected person.

Just like you have to resist the urge to pop a pimple, you might want to let your razor bumps heal on their very own. And that sucks rather a lot. If you have got numerous them, many might resolve themselves inside a day or two. It’s these extra gnarly ones that you could be want to handle individually—those that appear to have squatted inside your pores and skin and refuse to vanish on their very own. Only as soon as these outlier bumps reveal themselves will you might want to take drastic measures.


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